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  1. Hill

    The International Trade Council, in partnership with the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency (an agency of the Government of Estonia), would like to invite your organization to participate in the Trade Mission to Europe - on the 19th - 21st October 2022. This is a FREE TRADE MISSION. There is no charge to participate, however delegates will have to pay their own transportation and accommodation costs. The Trade Mission to Europe consists of: A 2-day economic development conference, with themes connected to doing business internationally. B2B and B2G meetings between 500+ C-level executives from major organizations from Estonia, Europe and across the world. Site visits. Live pitching and networking sessions. A gala awards presentation and dinner. The trade mission is being held in conjunction with the Go Global Awards 2022 this year. These awards recognize entrepreneurship and excellence that exists across a full range of businesses globally. Participants of the trade mission will be selected from the Go Global AWard entrants (the Go Global awards program is also absolutely free of charge). To learn more please visit: To find out about entering the Go Global Awards please also visit Again - both of these programs are totally without charge.

  2. Jones

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  3. Onslow

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